American Diabetes Association’s 84th Scientific Sessions • booth #821
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Diabetes Association’s
84th Scientific Sessions
booth #821 • Orlando, FL • June 21–24, 2024

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Creating the next chapter in diabetes management by leveraging interoperability and dynamic collaboration—introducing the twiist™ automated insulin delivery (AID) system for personalized, flexible control.

when: Saturday, June 22nd at 3 pm (total time: approximately 45 minutes)
where: Theater #1
who: Alan Lotvin, M.D., Kate Farnsworth, Rayhan Lal, M.D., David Ahn, M.D. 

Alan Lotvin, M.D.
Alan is a healthcare executive who brings over 30 years of experience with CVS Health®, CVS Caremark®, ICORE Healthcare, and Medco Health Solutions prior to Sequel Med Tech. He is a trained clinician and cardiologist, and serves as a director at ProKidney. Throughout his career, Dr. Lotvin’s goal has been to make the healthcare system work better for the people who rely on it.
Kate Farnsworth

Kate is an advocate who is well known among the diabetes community for her involvement in the Do-it-Yourself (DIY) #WeAreNotWaiting movement, which led her to create the world’s largest support community for people using DIY Loop. Kate’s passion for advancing the medical technology available to the diabetes community began 10 years ago, when her daughter was diagnosed with T1D. Today, Kate brings her unique and valuable perspective as a caregiver, advocate, and marketing professional to Sequel.

Rayhan Lal, M.D.

Dr. Rayhan Lal, is an adult and pediatric endocrinologist at Stanford. He has lived with T1D for over 30 years. As a self-professed nerd, Dr. Lal studied electrical engineering and computer science at UC Berkeley. When both his younger siblings also developed type 1 diabetes, he decided to shift gears and move from engineering to medicine. He attended medical school at UC Davis, then did a combined internal medicine and pediatric residency at LA County Hospital and an adult and pediatric endocrinology fellowship at Stanford, where he is now faculty. Dr. Lal leads the bioengineering affinity group of the Stanford Diabetes Research Center and works with industry and the open-source diabetes community. He provides care and support to thousands of people using open-source automated insulin dosing systems including Loop, AndroidAPS, and iAPS.

David Ahn, M.D.

Dr. David Ahn is an Endocrinologist and Chief of Diabetes Services at Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian and its Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center in Newport Beach, California, where he is also the recipient of the Dr. Kris V. Iyer Endowed Chair in Diabetes Care. He previously was an Assistant Clinical Professor at UCLA, and he received his Medical Degree and completed a fellowship in Endocrinology at UC San Diego.

As a clinician and researcher, he is extremely optimistic about the future of digital therapeutics, continuous glucose monitoring, and smart insulin delivery systems. He is the author of the chapter “Diabetes Apps” for the ADA-published book Diabetes Technology: Science and Practice. In addition, he enjoys making educational videos about diabetes technology on TikTok (@DiabetesDoc) and Instagram (@AhnCall).

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Indications for Use

The twiist system is intended for the subcutaneous delivery of insulin, at set and variable rates, for the management of diabetes mellitus in persons requiring insulin, ages six and above. The pump is able to reliably and securely communicate with compatible, digitally connected devices, including automated insulin dosing software, to receive, execute, and confirm commands from these devices. The twiist system is intended for single-patient home use and requires a prescription.

Loop is intended for use with compatible integrated continuous glucose monitors (iCGM) and the twiist alternate controller enabled (ACE) insulin infusion pump to automatically increase, decrease, and suspend delivery of basal insulin based on iCGM readings and predicted glucose values. It can also recommend, and with the user’s confirmation, deliver correction boluses when glucose values are predicted to exceed user configurable thresholds. Loop is intended for the management of type 1 diabetes mellitus in persons six years of age and greater, and is intended for single-patient use. The twiist automated insulin delivery system is for prescription use only.

The simple bolus calculator, available when Loop is off, is indicated for use for aiding the user in determining the bolus insulin dosage for management of diabetes mellitus based on consumed carbohydrates, operator-entered blood glucose, insulin sensitivity, insulin to carbohydrate ratio, correction range, and current active insulin.


The twiist AID system with the Tidepool Loop is not intended for anyone unable or unwilling to:

  • Test blood glucose (BG) levels as recommended by their healthcare provider
  • Maintain sufficient diabetes self-care skills
  • See their healthcare provider regularly
  • Demonstrate adequate carbohydrate-counting skills

The user must not:

  • Have difficulty seeing
  • Have difficulty hearing
  • Have deficient cognitive capabilities
  • Have physical impairments that would make operating the device or iPhone difficult

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